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Expanded, updated edition, Sept. 2019 

Fifth edition, paperback, 352 pages, More than 90 photos, illustrations and maps; appendices, bibliography, index, 6 x 9 inches (15.1 x 22.8 cm)

£18.95 / $24.95 [ISBN: 0228102294]

Published in five main editions by E.P. Dutton, New York; Robert Hale, London; Firefly (US, UK and Canada); Dobutsu Sha, Japan; Kindle and e-book edition, 2013; Firefly, expanded fifth edition, 2019.

For adult and young adult. Book club selection in US, Canada and UK. Film option rights sold twice (currently available).

Selected Reviews

“Superb…A fine story of adventure…One of the best nature books of the year.” — Publishers Weekly, New York

“Hoyt’s passionate sense of kinship with orca makes his account effective as both science and literature. He has chronicled his adventures and discoveries…with grace, insight, wit – and a comprehensiveness that might satisfy even Herman Melville.” — Discover, New York

“One of those rare, genuine books about a wild animal.” — Niko Tinbergen, Nobel Laureate

“Monumental achievement…The best whale book in years.” — Ronn Patterson, Oceans

“There is nothing wildlife needs more urgently than truth, for once people understand, people will act with preserved habitat, protective legislation, the tools of conservation. Erich Hoyt tells the truth about the orca in his fascinating book Orca: The Whale Called Killer. It is in itself a conservation tool. Required reading.” — Roger Caras, ABC-TV News, NY

“An eloquent memoir of seven summers among killer whales that has deservedly remained in print for more than two decades.” — novelist Janice Harayda, and

“An intensely personal account….Scientific, political, and historical details are woven into a highly readable narrative…thorough appendixes, lengthy bibliography. Recommended.” — Library Journal

“A fine record of observations accumulated by patience and cautious persistence…presented somewhat in diary form of the summers with the whales, and interwoven with facts….The result is a well-compounded blend of close-up nature observation, scientific knowledge, and history. Bonuses are interesting asides on the wildlife, the lumbering, salmon fishing, and the local flavor of northern Vancouver Island. Hoyt’s theme is preserve killer whales in their natural environment. He makes a good argument for it.” — Elizabeth N. Shor, Scripps Institute of Oceanography, San Diego Union

“An enchanting story of adventure and discovery, one told with style, insight, charm and thoroughness.”—Akron Beacon Journal  

“I have never read a better book on whales, partly because Hoyt writes so well … The developing relationship between the whalewatchers and these magnificent mammals makes absorbing reading … The book contains valuable scientific and historical appendixes and an excellent index … Don’t miss it!” — Philadelphia Inquirer  

“An engaging picture of the life of killer whales … Hoyt’s style is easygoing and comfortable, and as well organized as it is informative.” — Cleveland Plain Dealer  

“A well-written, balanced account … interspersed in the story are excellent summaries of our current knowledge about orca attacks, feeding behavior and hearing acuity. Aside from maps and photos, 8 well-referenced appendixes and a 14-page bibliography make it an important reference source for scientists.” — Edward Mitchell, Arctic Biological Station, in Canadian Geographic  

“Erich Hoyt’s book is a splendid introduction to one of the most fascinating and charismatic animals in the world. He blends the story of his exciting adventures with orcas off the coast of British Columbia with plenty of facts about their behavior and natural history, which makes a most readable mixture.” — Sir Peter Scott  Founder, World Wildlife Fund  

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